Sunday, May 09, 2010

"If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?" - That was the question posed to me a number of weeks ago. At first I couldn't think of anything - and I mean NOTHING. I mean, I thought that by 46 I would have a home of my own, and I would be financially comfortable, and I would still be living in the NW. The only thing that I really have right now is the financial comfort. Not wealth, and not even a safe amount in the bank, but I have the ability to work for myself, and to live a comfortable life.

For the last couple of years I have felt like a bit of a failure. Failed at marriage, don't own that home, my business is a small one, I can't pay for my children's college expenses, and I'm living in a home that my parents own. However, if you look at this from a DIFFERENT angle (paradigm shift here - tread carefully), I have a business that I can take "anywhere", I am not locked into a house payment, and my children will both be high school graduates by then middle of next month. I have the ability, and the means, to live my dream. So what might that be?

If I could do anything I would move to England and start my life over again. Not worry that I am 46 and have (an undisclosed amount of) weight to lose. Just go off and DO what sounds amazing. Visit castles and cathedrals and palaces and forests and museums. Not just see them real quick, but take a book and a picnic lunch and go read for the day at a part in Edinburgh. Explore Bath for a day or two and stay with locals at a B&B. Live in London and take weekend trips to Paris and Amsterdam and the Alps. Explore someone Else's backyard, and spend the night in hostels and barns...

Okay - so you see where I'm headed with this. Adventures! A ton of them! One after another! For as long as I want to (or can afford to) keep going. Who knows? Maybe I'll learn French and move to Paris! The European Continent is the Limit. Dream it and it will come....

One step at a time. The first step is really the first step. How do I get a passport? First I need a copy of my birth certificate - then a picture - then what else? I mean - I "am" starting at the beginning. So, if you want to, come along on my journey!

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